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Denver. Long divorced Dana Henderson feels her thirteen year old son Arthur Henderson is pulling away from her. It neither helps that Dana is a math teacher at the same middle school Arthur attends, or that regimented Dana is overprotective of her son, she not even allowing him to walk to school, she projecting her own fears on his life in what she will or not allow him to do. Meanwhile, Steve Reynolds, divorced now for one year, is also having problems with his daughter Lacey Reynolds, those problems which started with the divorce and which coincided with her starting high school. Once diligent about school work, Lacey now places no effort in school work which is reflected in her grades and her attitude. Despite Dana having no experience whatsoever with the great outdoors, she and Steve both make the decision to take their respective offspring to an organized four day camp in the mountains for spring break, Dana in an effort to bond with Arthur, and Steve in wanting to do something with Lacey to keep her happy and keep her mind off of potentially painful things like the divorce. Upon their respective arrivals, Dana is dismayed to see Steve, she only knowing him as the outdoor gear store owner with who she had an antagonistic meeting when she was shopping for camping equipment. In spending time together, Dana and Steve discover they are like night and day: Dana is predictable in planning every aspect of life, while Steve is more spontaneous and seemingly naturally nonchalant, he who doesn't sweat what he considers the small stuff. Their differences don't stop them from starting to fall for each other, which is only supported by Dana helping Lacey deal with her true issues which she has not told her father, and Steve helping Arthur come out of his shell. A fifth party and both Dana and Steve's possible reluctance to open themselves up to another potentially painful heartache in a failed relationship are obstacles to anything happening between the two, either at the camp or afterward back in Denver.

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Mar 18, 2017


United States



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Lighthouse Pictures

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Hallmark Channel
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