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About a smart college kid learning about business life, the hard way and coming out triumphant. It is a naughty look at the present day youth, who still have their Indian values intact. Yash is a fun-loving, smart, intelligent and adventurous, yet a grounded young man eager to achieve great success in business in a short period of time. Just when his college gets over, his parents, Dev and Sheila are urgently required to go to the U.S. for a few months. Having full faith in his son, Dev thinks of this as an opportunity for Yash to learn the workings of his call center business and gain some work experience before pursuing an MBA in the US. In Dev's absence, with good intentions at heart, Yash defies his father's conventional approach towards business and begins the expansion of the call center business by procuring more clients. Before too long, as one might expect, the expansion backfires due to delay in payments and backlogs on over-heads. Desperate to salvage the situation, Yash goes to the extent of using up the fund Dev had saved up over the years for his foreign education. The situation gets out of control and it becomes imperative for Yash to think of a way to recover the money. Over a casual discussion with his close group of college friends, Yash discovers the perfect solution to get out of the mess he was in - Party Talkline. With the help of his friends he does start the new business, only to embark on a series of comical misadventures, including the mafia. At one point Yash realizes that in these trying times, people are very lonely and they don't have any outlet to share their problems, and a counseling helpline is the need of the hour. But does Yash manage to recover the money through his new business before Dev and Sheila return from the U.S?

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Oct 06, 2017





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Film Quest

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