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Caught in a New Mexico drug trafficking ring, Levi is forced to travel back and forth to New Mexico with his son Mateo who acts as his translator. Levi and Mateo make their final drive to meet Diablo Blanco, the kingpin of the New Mexico meth ring. Mateo is scared of this final trip and questions their fate. Levi grapples with the fear of the unknown events that are about to play out and the shame of not being able to provide a normal life for Mateo. In the desert, Diablo Blanco propositions Levi for another six months of work. Mateo, acting as translator and tired of this life, lies to his father in an attempt to gain their freedom. Diablo Blanco sees through the lie and once Levi and Mateo are released, he places a call to a corrupt sheriff to have them arrested. The sheriff pulls them over, a confrontation occurs, a single gunshot is fired. Burro, a gritty drama about a father and son trapped in a drug trafficking operation desperately trying to regain their freedom.

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Release Date:

Sep 05, 2019


United States



Production Companies:

Quantum Arc Media, Forshadow Fin Films

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