Bulgarian Lovers (also know as Los novios búlgaros) full movie is released on Apr 30, 2003. Watch Bulgarian Lovers online - the Spanish Comedy movie from Spain , which has achieved a worldwide gross of $161,027. Bulgarian Lovers is directed by Eloy de la Iglesia and created by Fernando Guillén Cuervo with Fernando Guillén Cuervo and Dritan Biba.

Daniel, a gay accountant approaching middle age who lives more than a comfortable existence, does not begrudge the large influx of immigrants, many refugees, coming to his homeland Spain in search of a better life, and they doing whatever they need to in their adopted home to eke out that better life. He also is willing to do his small part in that help if he can. He may be able to kill two birds with one stone when he meets one of those refugees, a younger Bulgarian named Kyril who is physically exactly his type. Kyril is up front that he is penniless and has a girlfriend, Kalina, back home in Bulgaria that he loves. Regardless, Daniel and Kyril begin a sexual relationship, it developing into love of different forms on both sides. While Daniel's love is more traditional, Kyril truly loves Daniel as much as a straight man can love another man, partly in all that Daniel can do and ends up doing for him, such as helping him with his immigration. Daniel has to decide how much he can trust Kyril, who he really does not know in their time apart, with Kyril increasingly asking him to do things largely without question that seem somewhat shady, especially as Kyril seems all of a sudden to have all the bells and whistles of comfort, such as a fancy car and expensive jewelry. Things get even more complicated when after Daniel is able to straighten out Kyril's immigration, Kalina too is able to make her way to Spain, Daniel as such seeming to need to date her in dating Kyril, she who knows all about Daniel in Kyril's life.

As know as:

Los novios búlgaros, ブルガリアの愛人, Болгарские любовники, Los novios búlgaros, L'amant Bulgare




Spanish, Bulgarian

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Altube Filmeak S.L., Conexión Sur, Creativos Asociados de Radio y Televisión (CARTEL)

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Beware of love in radioactive packages"

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