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Businessman Loginov, driving his luxurious car, hits to death Tetiana Kornienko's fiance. Tetiana is in grief, Loginov has guilty conscience. First, the man tries to help Tetiana with money and then, having used the fact she doesn't know it was he who killed her fiance (for what he is so remorseful), he hires her to work at his company. Loginov becomes Tetiana's mentor, but he is afraid to confess to her he killed her fiance, while she is afraid to tell him she's used a fake CV to get the job and she doesn't even have a degree. They both feel great attraction towards each other, but apart from the shade of Tetiana's late fiance, they have another obstacle standing between them - Loginov's stepson Ihor. After Tetiana slaps him across the face, Ihor swears to destroy her and take away his stepfather's business. From now on, nothing can stop him from doing that.

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Oct 21, 2019





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Ivory Films

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