Breaking Through (also know as Wo xin fei yang) full movie is released on Feb 25, 2022. Watch Breaking Through online - the Chinese Biography movie from China. Breaking Through is directed by Fang Fang Wang and created by Keke He with Meiqi Meng and Yu Xia.

Winter Olympic athletes struggling to forge ahead and win glory for the country. In 1980, the Chinese delegation began to participate in the Winter Olympics, and repeatedly missed the gold medal. The failure and unwillingness stabbed the hearts of the Chinese like a needle. In order to achieve zero breakthroughs, Qin Shan formed the Chinese national short track speed skating team represented by Yang Fan, and was ordered to be ashamed in the face of danger. The two launched an attack on the gold medal, and the relationship between master and apprentice also faced fierce collisions and many tests.

As know as:

Wo xin fei yang, Wo xin fei yang, 我心飞扬, Breaking Through





Production Companies:

Beijing Hengyuan Entertainment, Beijing Juhe Yinglian Media Co., Beijing Qitai Ocean Culture & Media

Cast & Crew

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