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Terrorism is the darkest and evilest thought mankind has ever produced. Yes, it's our own creation - we are the one responsible for it - and will be held responsible until we change the way we look at the world and its people. We got to be more practical, methodical and flexible in our thinking and dealings. Brainwashed is about a graduate and unemployed boy 'Aslam' from Kolkata, who is struggling to find his and his family's place in society. But he wasn't complaining. This is spotted by his cunning and smart friend 'Mehtaab'. 'Mehtaab' pulls him to the rotten world of Terrorism. With the help of local political party leader 'Mushtaq' and Kashmir's contact 'Liyaqat Ali' they planned terrorist attack in Kolkata - and in a revert, the innocent Aslam will get happy married/family life in Dubai - the place he thinks paradise - Will Aslam the (selfish innocent) succeed...? Or Will humanity get its drum beaten...? Brainwash tells the story about the innocence, humanity, humans need to have society and have flourished it.

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Oct 10, 2019





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Balaji Films International 2005

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