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The DelFuegos face their greatest problem yet starting with an evil mistress and lasts at the tale of a heartbroken witch. Ryan DelFuego married Angel DelFuego because of their trash handling jobs. Now, after years of happy marriage, Raquel comes into their lives, ruining everything. Raquel is a woman of nobility who is Angel's enemy in a gambling game. A fight happened between the two one morning resulting to the Barangay captain's great anger and curse. Moments later, Blaire loses breath after the events. While they were in the hospital, Judy and her brothers were left at home. Judy, who was given responsibilities, left the house which resulted to an accident that killed his brother Bill. Sad events happened after the dreadful death of Bill. Ryan was caught by Angel having an affair with Raquel which resulted to their separation. Meanwhile, Judy changed her life now being the breadwinner of the family yet still she is blamed for the death of Bill. After Judy gave Blaire the wrong medicines, Blaire was overdosed. Judy was to be blamed again and asked for the Virgin Mary's prayers on the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Blaire eventually died. Judy was not allowed at Blaire's wake but visited secretly on her burial. With realizations, Angel forgave Judy. But still angered by the relationship of Ryan and Raquel, Angel went to attack them both at Angel's house, killing Ryan with a gun. Attempting to kill Angel, Judy saves her eventually being gunned down by her mother. Because of guilt, Angel kills herself. But the events later were revised after Investigator brought a crazy witch to the story. The witch admitted to be the one behind all the misfortunes and revealed that she killed them all.

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Jan 25, 2019





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Pussycat Productions

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