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Donna Foster, loyal assistant to publisher John Caine, has agreed that John's niece Christabel Caine can stay in her apartment while she attends business school in San Francisco. Donna will soon be leaving anyway; she and her wealthy philanthropist boyfriend Curtis Carey will imminently be married, thus grooming Christabel, who ultimately will be working at the publishing house, to assume Donna's position both at the apartment and at the office. In living with Donna, innocent Christabel befriends not only Donna and Curtis, but Donna's rather bohemian friends, specifically struggling artist Gabriel Broome--Gobby to his friends--always with a quip at the ready; and aspiring writer Nick Bradley, who lives next door; John is contemplating publishing his book. There is an immediate sexual attraction between Christabel and Nick. However, underneath Christabel's innocent façade lies a conniver who has a larger goal of wealth, meaning setting her sights on Curtis, who she doesn't much like beyond his money. To achieve her goal of marrying Curtis, Christabel must sow some seeds of doubt in Donna and Curtis' minds about their otherwise loving and loyal relationship. The other issue for Christabel is Nick in her want of eating her cake and having it.

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Release Date:

Aug 31, 1950


United States



Production Companies:

RKO Radio Pictures
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