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"Papa" Omar runs Casa Hogar orphanage in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. A cop brings Moco, a street kid who just stole a watch belonging to sport fishing boat captain Wade Malloy/Dennis Quaid. Offering the kid food and shelter, Omar gets the watch and they return it to Wade. Omar is low on money with unanswered letters and calls from the bank and it gets worse when Hurricane Odile hits town and Casa Hogar. However, the hurricane has scared away international Bisbee Black and Blue Fishing Tournament participants and it's now free for local fishermen. Two time winner albeit presently washed-up, American Wade is forced to take Casa Hogar as crew to qualify for the 2014 3 day tournament. If they win the tournament, their share of the prize money would save Casa Hogar from the bank's 30 day ultimatum. Omar joins with 3 Casa Hogar boys and Moco. Will they catch the winning marlin?

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Release Date:

May 27, 2021


United States



Production Companies:

Third Coast Content, Endeavor Content, Mucho Mas Media

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