Birth/Mother (also know as Tarachime) full movie is released on Jul 03, 2016. Watch Birth/Mother online - the Japanese Documentary movie from Japan. Birth/Mother is directed by Naomi Kawase and created by Naomi Kawase with Uno Kawase and Naomi Kawase.

Naomi Kawase raises her voice in anger, blaming her foster mother for threatening to abandon her as a young girl. The camera reveals Kawase's impatience when coming to terms with her foster mother's senility, and at the same time dwells on her aging naked body with a subtle sense of affection. Twelve years after shooting 'Katatsumori (1994)', her first film about the foster mother, Kawase made 'Tarachime' to document the decline of one life at the beginning of another - during the making of the film, Kawase's son was born.

As know as:

Tarachime, Nacemento/nai, Birth/Mother, Tarachime


Japan, France



Production Companies:

Arte France Cinéma, Kumie, La Lucarne

Cast & Crew

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