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Knowing the headquarters and settlements of Betawi suburbs will be evicted, Pengki (Reza Rahadian), Somad (Adjis Doaibu), and Achie (Aci Resti) sabotage illegal casinos in Jakarta. They drain all bets to buy the land to be evicted. The casino belonged to Said (Qomar) who is gambling with Hengki (Hamka Siregar). These two people are the biggest mafia that controls gambling business. The problem becomes more complicated when Pengki falls in love with singer Aida (Delia Husein), Said's mistress, sold by her parents to pay the debt. As a wealthy Betawi, Pengki is considered a useless man. Her mother always assumes Pengki is just a spoiled child who wasting his mother's money. His love for Aida changes Pengki's attitude. Pengki now has the ideals: to have a school that can accommodate poor children. Unfortunately, Said spots Pengki-Aida's relationship and unmask him as he is lurking his casino. In the midst of such a complicated situation, Hengki invites Pengki, Somad, and Achie to cooperate. Hengki secretly has a grudge with Said because his precious watch was held hostage by Said. Hengki asks Pengki to take back his watch and take all Aida's parents debt contract to Said. So Pengki can freely take Aida from Pengki's hands. Pengki et al break into Said's house.

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Mar 01, 2018





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Falcon Pictures

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