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The children have become grown-ups, if not quite adults, while the parents have drifted into middle age without reaping the promised benefits. Jim (Edward Burns) and Tina (Jennifer Ehle) have a post-work ritual: he chugs a beer, she sips a martini, someone sorts out supper, and the conversation, all too often, concerns the kids. Frankie (Brian Wiles) and Debbie (Hannah Dunne) are both in their twenties, both still living at home. Frankie has a job in sales he's destined to screw up; Debbie is unemployed and enjoying the extra time it leaves for staying out late, sleeping in, and hanging out with a boyfriend her father can't stand. As the atmosphere tilts between high tension and deep affection, with everyone seemingly surrendered to the status-quo, some urge inside Tina is growing - and is about ready to explode.

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Release Date:

Sep 07, 2019


United States



Production Companies:

Marlboro Road Gang Productions
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