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The story begins a few days before the anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's passing. Two journalists, one in New York and one in Milan, are assigned articles about the Renaissance's last days. Through a series of clues, each is led to Clos Lucé, Amboise, where da Vinci is buried. There, as they study da Vinci's tomb, they learn that a so- called "Leonardo" is staging a show about da Vinci's life in a nearby town. The two journalists combine their clues to arrive at Leonardo's abode where a mysterious woman guides them to the master. As he appears, the astonished journalists begin their interview. Through their questions, the two learn about his childhood, his imagination, and his relationship with nature. They also explore the themes of Leonardo's work, such as the notion of truth, the spirit, the eye, water, and ethics. At one point during the interview, one of the journalists dares to ask about Mona Lisa. This spurs da Vinci to descend into the basement, where he meets with a series of individuals who have marked his life and his most celebrated work. To each of them he dedicates a thought, confesses a feeling, recounts a short story, or gifts them an aphorism. The characters brought up during this time include Ludovico Sforza, the former Duke of Milan, and his beautiful wife, Beatrice d'Este. These scenes also address works such as Portrait of the Musician and the Battle of Anghiari. The interview comes to an end with da Vinci offering a prophecy about the future of communication. He exits while mining the gestures of Apostles depicted in the Last Supper while the journalists, and the audience, are left to ponder the possibilities of his cryptic prediction.

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May 02, 2019




French, Italian, English, Spanish

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Image Hunters, Movie & Theater

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