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After the end of the GDR, thrashings, threats and hunts were part of everyday life. In the years after the reunification of the early 1990s, hatred, racism and violence against foreigners and supporters of leftist ideology broken out in Eastern Germany. Most of those involved was young people with no prospects and an uncertain future. In many cities and towns, the streets and squares belonged to the right-wing scene, organized in neo-Nazi comradeships with occasionally youth clubs as meeting points. Bomber jackets, combat boots and the Hitler salute showed the intimidated rest where they were. The baseball bat was a popular weapon. There were riots, attacks on asylum seekers' homes, mass brawls and hunt downs to those who looked or think differently. It doesn't took long and the first deaths were to be mourned. The majority of the Eastern German population looked the other way or even applauded the deeds. A bad omen for the political development of later years and the popularity of the AfD in this part of Germany today. In six film segments, a team of authors take a look at the time reflected in interviews with contemporary witnesses.

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Release Date:

Dec 02, 2020




German, English

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Berlin Producers, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB), Zeit Online
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