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If you think "Bangkok" is a great city, I beg you to think twice - Prepare yourself to "Bangkok Dark Tales" the film that made from 3 situations 3 horror stories and 3 creepy places in Bangkok that you will never forget. The first story is about "Gam" a businesswoman who has to work overnight on the new years eve and she has to sit next to her workmate table that he dies a few weeks ago. The experience that Gam have to face that night, it changes her life forever. The second story is about Bee, Net Idol wannabe, and Ann, a woman who never believe in ghost. Both of them come to Bangkok for the 1st time. They were renting a creepy house that use to be a brutal murder family place. Who gonna survive that night, let find out. And the last story is about the cinema theater that allow the only ghost come to see the movie but suddenly one couple accidentally gets into that cinema. Can they both get out of that cinema? because it closes permanently and opens for ghost only. "Bangkok Dark Tales" inspired by true events that have been shocked by Thai people. Directed by 3 directors, Anusorn Soisa-ngim, Alwa Rattanasit and Thanvimol Aonpapliw. It will hit in Thai Cinema on May 23rd, 2019.

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May 23, 2019





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Commetive Production

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