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2008. Adrián is a successful CEO happily married with Nadia, a woman who works with her longtime friend Lucía in the Madrid's first sex-shop, opened by they two. Looking to realize their dreams, Adrián buys a house in a Madrid's suburb for moving there from the city to spend the life together and caring their little child Marina. But several years later, things are so far away to be idyllic: Adrián has been turned in a boring man worried about his job as car salesman helped by his longtime friend and job partner Álex, Nadia realizes that the sex-shop is under threat to close due to its low sales, and the now teen Marina makes a fallow year of her students to travel Malta following her dream to be an online poker gamer. With syndrome of empty house, Nadie tries recover the passion with Adrián and dates him for a special night in her birthday the same day that Adrián is hired by his boss Arancha to make a speech in a meeting for an American CEOs. Unable to fulfill the date after a disastrous speech for taking a pair of sedatives mixed with champagne to calm his nervous, Adrián wakes up in home to the next day to find an angry Nadia who presents him her ultimate decision: divorce. Puzzled and believing that Nadia has an affair with another man, Adrián is badly advised by Álex at the same time that Nadia it is by Lucía. As result, all the tries to Adrián to recover her cause desperation in Nadia, who finally convinces him to divorce. But when they go to the bank to sell the house and share benefits, they learn that the real estates situation is so bad that they can't sell it, in addition they have a great debt with the bank to pay. Meanwhile Nadia tries at any cost save the sex-shop, meeting a young Internet CEO named Nacho to expand the sex-shop as online sex-shop, Adrián and Álex are fired from the job after having an night accident with one car of the car dealership. Adrián moves with Álex to Carmina's house, Álex's aging mother, but when Carmina sells her house to live close to Mediterranean Sea, they two return to Adrian's house. where this one and Nadia starts a war for the property of the house and the money they debt, no measuring the consequences according the level of hate between them increases in an unstoppable escalation of violence.

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Feb 01, 2019





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Canal Sur Televisión, Crea SGR, Feelgood

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