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In this coming-of-age story, a blind girl, who is unable to reach puberty due to malnutrition and neglect, achieves womanhood with the help of a philanthropic doctor. This documentary also explores the stigma of the blind being considered sinners in a past life- asking the question: Are the blind 'Born to Live In Near Darkness?" No, they are Born to Live in Near Daylight. For generations, the visually impaired didn't have access to proper nutrition and care, which led to various health problems and children missing school or dropping out entirely. In a rural village outside Chennai, a philanthropic doctor leads a quiet revolution, fighting against this deeply rooted stigma that surrounds the visually impaired and disabled. With the help of his innovative Braille charts, which address issues related to hygiene, IQ, nutrition and traffic safety (H.I.N.T project), blind people are finally empowered to go after their destiny.

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Aug 16, 2020





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Sid Films, TSC Films

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