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This film tells the story of a 27 year old boy named Satyawan Shukla who hails from Prayagraj and from a lower middle class family. His father is a poor priest and mother house wife, his father falls pray to a social change which urges him to make his son engineer for which he has to sell 50% of his farm l and. After not finding a satisfactory job Satyawan leaves for Lucknow and there he prepares for a government job and at the same time searching for a private job. He struggles to find a s mall pay scale job, which could not support his family economics as a result Satyawan is forced t o do small and odd jobs even though he has to sell newspapers and repair mobile phones, but suddenly a Government job vacancy comes on his way he happily goes to apply for it but on finding that there is only 2 vacancies for general category. He decided not to apply for it and at the same time he finds that if he can manage a government officer he may get a government job, he does it and becomes a car driver of a government officer after spending some time he persuades the officer for one job in exchange of Rs. 15 Lakh. Satyawan father sells his every piece o f land and gives 15 lakh to that officer. Now the question is will Satyawan get one job in a government department or will something else happen to Satyawan?

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Jan 17, 2020





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Prayag Media

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