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The story begins in the center of a labyrinth, surrounded by a hedge. Emil (80) is enjoying the moment without worrying about anything. When stumbling across an opening in the center, the path takes him back to the most important memories of his life. First, we see Emil as a young graduate walking confidently away from his proud parents. Through his path, Emil truly experiences the life of becoming an adult. He is now taking his own decisions by choosing which way he wants to go in life. On his journey, he finds close friends and more importantly he falls in love for the first time, with a girl named Thea. Sadly their relationship doesn't last long, and Emil finds himself alone once again, heartbroken. Emil experiences the tough side of adulthood, and gets lost in the labyrinth. The gentle and caring hand from his mother helps him back on his path, and they exchange their goodbyes for the second time. Emil is now a grown up man. Emil is now taking a new path, when he accidentally walks into the path of Thea. They start falling in love, and shortly afterwards they get married. Emil is now old man again. We follow him going down a dead end to visit his wife's grave. Emil plants seeds on her grave, and easily returns back to his path. He enjoys the last moments of his life, that he knows is about to end. He finishes off his journey by reaching the center of the labyrinth.

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Jan 12, 2018





Production Companies:

European Film College (EFC)
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