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An exploration of a centuries-old water irrigation system in the oasis of Figuig, Morocco. A testament to human ingenuity in managing one of the desert's rarest resources... Water. It is a documentary about Figuig, the closest oasis to Europe, located in the east of Morocco by the border with Algeria. It is about a centuries-old water management system overseen by a Water Master who distributes the water for irrigation in the oasis of Figuig, this trade has been passed on from generation to generation. The film starts with an old saying of a word master: "He who protects water, protects humankind". Throughout the film we follow a journey of a man who interacts with water all day long and some times all night long. It's about a water source called Tzadert and runs 24/7 to irrigate a land of palm trees.

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Release Date:

Mar 21, 2021




Arabic, Berber languages

Production Companies:

Tira Productions
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