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Six years after Amelia's disappearance, a child is seen running in the forest. She ran out of the forest barefoot and was hit by a car and was rushed to the hospital. Doctor Sylvia who handled the child felt sorry to see the condition of the 6-years-old girl, and asked permission to her husband, Razan, to take Ana home. Sylvia never realized that it was both Asih and Ana that she brought home. Various terror ensued, until Sylvia realized that Asih felt she was taking Ana who was considered as Asih's own daughter. Ana loved Asih but Sylvia's perseverance and attention melted Ana's heart. Asih felt sad and jealous and when tension intensified, Mbok (who was like Asih's mother) finally steps in. With Mbok's help, Asih finally left. Ana remains living with Razan and Sylvia. Time passed and now Sylvia is carrying her baby with Razan. Without their realization, in silence Asih is creeping back into their lives.

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Dec 24, 2020





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MD Pictures, Pichouse Films

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