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In the slums of Thailand, Arun and Kasem's friend Isra moves away suddenly. Suspecting that she was pressured into working in the sex industry, Arun sets out to Bangkok to find her; Kasem tags along. The boys are discouraged when their initial efforts fail. Arun becomes increasingly annoyed as Kasem drinks throughout the day and seems less and less interested in finding Isra. The two part ways when Kasem is clearly drunk and wants to patronize sex workers. Arun faces the frightening city alone, is mistaken for a male prostitute and then entrapped by a restaurateur. Emboldened by two lady boys, he finds new courage to continue searching for Isra and manages to escape the restaurant with the help of Kasem, who returns. Kasem reveals that he is actually running away from troubles at home and that his own mother was a prostitute. He begs Arun to forget Isra but Arun refuses to give up on her. The two reconcile their friendship and renew their search. The film leaves them empty-handed in their search but still hopeful.

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Release Date:

Mar 04, 2018


Thailand, United States



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Lleju Productions

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