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At a time when man dreams of conquering other planets, there exists on Earth an extreme region with many secrets. Beyond the Arctic Circle, the islands of New Siberia are still Terra Incognita. Rare explorers have stepped on these white areas. In 1879, aboard the USS Jeannette, Captain George De Long and his crew aspired to reach the North Pole. They discover islands, later named De Long, but do not reach the famous pole, and the adventure turns tragic. In 2017, as a tribute to these men, an international and multicultural expedition sets off in the footsteps of the Jeannette. The purpose of this mission is to explore, observe, witness this unknown world, made of white rocks on the ocean and sanctuary of an authentic Arctic wildlife. In the manner of 19th century explorers, scientists, adventurers, artists and free divers go in search of this Arktika Incognita.

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Release Date:

Apr 29, 2018


United States


English, French

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Sagax Entertainment
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