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Govind Kulkarni, also known as, Appa (Bharat Jadhav), is a Pune-based, middle-class family man living with his wife (Sampada Kulkarni), two children and his father, Ramakant Kulkarni (Dilip Prabhavalkar). Ramakant Kulkarni, owing to old age believes he may not be around for too long and expresses a wish to celebrate Ganeshotsav on large scale this year. All these expenses add up, leaving Govind in a lot of debt, as he struggles to make ends meet. In a bid to help his situation, Ramakantji offers to break his life-long savings in the form of a Fixed Deposit in the bank. However, the bank refuses to release the amount, making Govind and his father run from pillar to post. Now, Govind is burdened with an unsurmountable debt, creditors are harassing him at home and he is facing social ridicule in his neighbourhood. Frustrated beyond reason, he appeals to Lord Ganesha, the God known as Vighnaharta (the God who can get rid of all obstacles) to sort everything out for him. How Lord Ganesha comes to his rescue and helps Govind with the visarjan of this Diety from his house, forms a fun-filled ride for both, Appa aani(&) Bappa.

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Release Date:

Oct 11, 2019





Production Companies:

Garima Productions
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