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Back in democracy after a military regime, Coronel Carlos del Monte is finally brought to justice, accused of the kidnapping and murder of Polo Labdo, theatre director of an adaptation of Sophocles's Antigone, a successful theatre play in 1976/78, until Polo became "desaparecido" [missing person]. Ten years later, Antonia Labdo - Polo's sister and protagonist of Antigone - is a key witness in the trial. Whilst del Monte declares, scenes from the 1978 play are interleaved in a parallel of situations/characters. Captain Eduardo Glauco, having been himself originally the one who suggested Antigone was a "subversive" play, turns into key witness against his former superior, and is later revealed as co-participant with him, in the actual kidnapping of Polo. During the judicial process, prosecutor Irene Dácidas and defense lawyer Héctor Verón, argue in favor and against the relevancy of Sophocles's universal values. Del Monte is declared guilty.

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Release Date:

Dec 31, 2022





Production Companies:

Carmen Morin, SoundStage32
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