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Fifty years ago, the entire Creole population of the Chagos Islands was expelled by the British authorities. This secret operation took place to facilitate the leasing of the main island, Diego Garcia, to the US government so that it could build one of its largest and most secretive military bases overseas. As the military lease is about to expire, Chagossian exiles are attempting to recover their home in the middle of the Indian Ocean from Great Britain. The charismatic woman leading their fight in the UK is Sabrina Jean. Through unrelenting activism, including the exile community's improbable participation in the World Football Cup for Stateless People, she strives to keep the flame of hope alive in her community with one single goal: to return home. But as the elders disappear and memory fades, time is running out.

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Release Date:

Jun 08, 2019


Belgium, France


English, French

Production Companies:

Clin d'oeil Films, Haut les Mains Productions, Caviar Films
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