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Angad Singh Ranyal is filmy, not the type to hold his belt buckle and dance at every Salman Khan song, rather the type who likes to watch their movie in peace. The stand-up special has observational humor and storytelling with a sprinkle of filmy-ness. Angad starts the show with something that's very close to his heart- his preferred choice of popcorn flavor and why that should be the only flavor available at movie halls. He cannot understand why people discuss plots while watching a movie or why people bring their toddlers to a movie hall or even their 5 year olds or why the anti smoking ads have to been shown to non-smokers as well, clearly he can't understand a lot of things. After Angad turned 31, he realized that he should have chosen better friends when he was 20. And now he lacks the motivation to make new friends, thus he uses this platform to spread a very important message- choose your friends. Most stories these days have a bad story line so Angad tries to address the fact by telling 3 stories in his stand-up special. The first story starts with a car ride and ends with a fight, second story starts in a school and ends with a fight, the last story starts in an office and you guessed it right, it ends with Angad finding himself in a deeper hole than Bruce Wayne in Dark Knight Rises. Hopefully by the end of the show, you too will say- Angad, you are Kaafi Funny.

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Release Date:

Mar 15, 2019




English, Hindi

Production Companies:

OML Entertainment
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