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Meet Junior, a boy conceived at a fertility clinic. You and your friends are in control of his life. Choose how his fate unfolds. Hack his story and make it yours. The branching story begins with Mary and Joseph deciding to have a baby. It appears that Joseph is unable to be-father a child himself and an anonymous donor is chosen to further the couple's common cause. Despite restrictions, both legal and ethical, Mary manages to learn the identity of the donor, a rock star named Nathan Gene. After barging in on Nathan unnoticed, the rock star (actually the viewer on his behalf) needs to decide whether to learn more about the six months pregnant Mary or to ignore the approach. This decision divides the branching story in two. Our soon to born protagonist Junior growing up with his biological donor-dad Nathan or the intended dad Joseph. The rest of the story follows Junior growing up, giving the viewer bits and pieces of his life after each decision point with an approximately 5-year interval. The 64 endings are wildly different and the decisions made on course of becoming an adult might turn the protagonist into a world-renowned musician, an informant in a drug cartel case or a psychopathic killer.

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Release Date:

Jun 09, 2020





Production Companies:

Misolekskui, Nafta
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