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At the heart of An Insignificant Man is the most polarising man in India today - Arvind Kejriwal. Filmed over the course of 2 years, this film is a portrait of power, corruption and a controversial man. The film gives an insider's view into Arvind Kejriwal's brand of politics which has been labelled selfish, dangerous, anarchic and yet revolutionary. Shaking the country's most powerful political establishments with basic public issues like water, electricity, and graft, Kejriwal has emerged as the leader of the newest political force in India - the Common Man's Party. With never-before-seen footage, the film offers a unique insight into a fledgeling political party's battle between survival and extinction in the largest democracy in the world. Capturing moments of triumph and despair, the film is a moving cinematic journey through the narrow lanes of Delhi's shanty towns to the closed corridors of political power.

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Release Date:

Nov 17, 2017





Production Companies:

Britdoc Foundation, Memesys Culture Lab, Vice Studios

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