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American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny full movie is released on Jun 06, 2013. Watch American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny online - the English Documentary movie from United States. American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny is directed by Kevin Booth and created by Kevin Booth with Donald Abrams and Miguel Avitia. American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny is available online on The Roku Channel and Tubi TV.

After surviving brain surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, a 2-year-old boy lay in a coma not eating for over 40 days. His parents are told to make funeral arrangements. However, his father had read about a version of an ancient drug made from cannabis. Unbeknownst to the hospital staff, the parents start secretly injecting the illegal drug into their dying son's feeding tube and soon a "miracle" takes place. When the doctors are told that cannabis was the cause of the "miracle," they have nothing to say. Every war has unintended victims and it's the children who are losing America's longest running war. From cartel recruiting grounds of Mexico - to a child being removed from his birth mother for smoking marijuana. Is it a conspiracy? Or simple profit motives that continue to keep marijuana inside the black market?

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American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny


United States



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Sacred Cow Productions


They promised us a drug free America - 40 years and trillions of tax dollars later - countless non-violent drug offenders live behind bars and millions of Americans are addicted to "legal" prescription drugs., An emotional roller coaster that reveals the most current cutting-edge information regarding the fight to "re-legalize the cannabis plant to be used as medicine., The doctors all called it a "Miracle" until they realized that the parents of a sick young boy had been secretly injecting cannabis oil into his feeding tube.

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