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The show about an unusual crew, they must stay together to survive in the world. Living in a spaceship and providing for their lives by doing repossession and salvage spaceships for the mobs in dangerous outer space. Untangle worlds darkest mystery, that much more significant than all humanity. Each episode will provide more details to their lives, where are they come from and what waiting for them in the future. In the universe, where humans are only known intelligent life, that spreads across the galaxy, and in time, when earth already lost and forgotten. Technical advances help humans to extend their life and abilities but do not change their desires for power. Where border blend between politics and religion, where matriarchal order is controlling humanity civilization behind science. World control divided between the super corporation, matriarchal political order, commercialized military division, and mobs. But in this world, individual people and their action still matter and can make a significant influence on humanity.

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Release Date:

Jul 02, 2019


United States



Production Companies:

Space Journey Productions
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