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On the day of a very important football match, the couple of Tano and Gina, and their son Tino, are having dinner in a traditional restaurant. The waiter - also a football fan himself - is keeping his eyes on the TV, as he takes orders from the diners as his second point of attention. When - a loved one is kidnapped. The couple receives two phone calls. The first one: the usual ransom request from the kidnappers. The second one is from the police. A lady, passing by, had witnessed the whole incident and advised a policeman, who after some warning shots and a close-encounter fist-fight, detains the kidnapper red-handed. When the couple finally meets the policeman at the location advised in the second phone call, they find a box, that is shaking, moving, trembling, shivering, making weird noises. The movie ends with a circle of people mesmerized looking at the opening of the growling and moving box on the floor.

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Release Date:

Dec 31, 2022





Production Companies:

Carmen Morin, SoundStage32