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Twenty-something Berry-Berry Willart (Warren Beatty) has left his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, primarily to get away from his overbearing mother and alcoholic father, Annabell (Dame Angela Lansbury) and Ralph Willart (Karl Malden), as Berry-Berry doesn't like the way they treat him as the prodigal son. Berry-Berry has always taken the easy way out, and will often use his good looks to take advantage of women, who are initially more than willing to help out this good-looking young man until they really get to know him. But his parents, especially Annabell, believe he can do no wrong. And his bright sixteen-year-old brother, Clinton Willart (Brandon De Wilde), idolizes him. Although Berry-Berry originally had no intention of ever returning to Cleveland which Ralph realizes, but Annabell refuses to acknowledge in her heart, he decides to head back to Cleveland, but initially not tell his family. Berry-Berry's trip home coincides with a visit the Willarts receive from a family friend, thirty-one-year old Echo O'Brien (Eva Marie Saint). It's love at first sight between Berry-Berry and Echo. Although Clinton, who loves Echo himself with Echo in turn loving him like her best kid brother, gives Berry-Berry his blessing with Echo, Clinton, deep in his heart, is afraid that Echo will end up just another one of the long string of women that Berry-Berry has abused.

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Release Date:

Mar 29, 1962


United States



Production Companies:

John Houseman Productions
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