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Ali, a daily wage earner living in the vicinity of a sprawling city, has to cope with uncertainty, hardship and abuses. He is at the mercy of a forest guard for not being evicted from his family's new-found habitat in a green hilly area overlooking the city. He finds solace in his hardworking, young wife and their two children. Ali is used to create stories to answer queries by his children about the night sky and about his past. His stories hide his inability to understand nature - for deep down his senses there is the real story of sorrow, as his riverside village is now extinct due to heavy flood and erosion. But he is little aware that most cruel troubles are brewing and about to threaten their meek existence. It remains an impossible task to enroll his daughter Alifa and son Faisal in primary school despite his wife Fatima working as a construction labour. As fate would have it, Fatima developed an affair with a co-worker that caused grave injury to Ali's faith and longing for her. Meanwhile in a dramatic turn of events Ali and his neighbours in the hills are forced to spend sleepless nights for fear of a prowling leopard that came out of the woods. What follows is the hardest fate befalling Ali's family.

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Mar 30, 2018





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Arman Productions

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