ALIENS: Last Stand full movie is released on Sep 22, 2020. Watch ALIENS: Last Stand online - the English Short movie from Germany. ALIENS: Last Stand is directed by Felix Christian Berner,Dieter Joppich and created by Felix Christian Berner with Felix Christian Berner and Thomas Frankiewicz.

ALIENS: LAST STAND is a fan made film by German directors Felix Berner and Dieter Joppich. Berner and Joppich who are both sci-fi enthusiasts and fans of the ALIEN-franchise started filming in 2017. They were supported by the German Colonial Marines, a Germany-based group of ALIEN-fans founded by Berner in 2016. The two filmmakers filmed most of the material in front of a green screen. ALIENS: LAST STAND takes place on board the military ship USS. Yotumo where Sgt. Davis (played by Ricco Ross from the movie ALIENS) sends out a distress signal into space. A troop of marine raiders stationed on moon LV-446 head immediately towards the USS. Yotumo. Little do they know that arriving on board of the ship will not only seal their fate but also end their lives. Deep inside the ship there are creatures already lurking for their next prey. Will the marines survive against the xenomorphs? And how did Sgt. Davis manage to send a distress signal in the first place? Reload your pulse rifles and buckle up, because in space nobody can hear you scream. ALIENS: LAST STAND is a self-financed fan film that wants to honor the original films. The story is straight forward, and the focus is on the costumes and the dark atmosphere.

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ALIENS: Last Stand

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Sep 22, 2020





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Studio Berner

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