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ALHAMDU - MUSLIM FUTURISM is a joyous, vibrant vision of liberation. A future where our dignity, flourishing, and imaginations as Muslims are actualized. We dream of worlds and communities where we exist boldly, proudly, and unapologetically. It is precisely for this beautiful future that we pray our efforts with the ALHAMDU - MUSLIM FUTURISM project serves as a catalyst toward a celebration of our humanity. The chronic suffering of yesterday and the compounded acute traumas of each day are constant affronts to the Muslim spirit-restricting us from conceiving and building toward a utopia of our own. May the process of boldly asserting our existence disrupt the hegemonic powers of today and serve as a portal to another planet where our joy is championed, our spirits are revitalized, and our commitments to flourishing and justice are re-energized.

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May 11, 2021


United States



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