Albrecht Becker - Arsch Ficker, Faust Ficker full movie is released on Oct 23, 2004. Watch Albrecht Becker - Arsch Ficker, Faust Ficker online - the German Documentary movie from France. Albrecht Becker - Arsch Ficker, Faust Ficker is directed by Hervé Joseph Lebrun and created by Albrecht Becker with Albrecht Becker and .

Albrecht Becker (1906-2002) was one of the last people to have survived the enacted Nazi suppression of homosexuals, which started in 1933, with the implementation of Paragraph 175. Imprisoned in Nuremberg from 1935 to 1938, he then decides to enrol in the army (as is told in the documentary Paragraph 175, 2000, by Epstein and Friedmann). On the Russian front he starts taking photos. After the war he dedicates himself to his job as a cinema production designer and scenographer, working mainly with musical comedies. Becker had started to 'decorate' his body in 1943, practicing the art of tattoos and piercing and taking photos of his progressive transformations. Lebrun puts the spotlight on the body of Becker with photographs resembling landscapes of a body which, by its constant mutations and history, left a mark on its century.

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Albrecht Becker - Arsch Ficker, Faust Ficker





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