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Felipe, an unlucky college student, lives in a world where he has very few opportunities. He's poor and his mother is a maid who works for a rich white family in one of the most racists countries in the world: Peru. Claudia is the youngest daughter of that family. Felipe has been in love with Claudia since he was a little boy. Even though they were good friends growing up, they've become very distant. Claudia is now a woman destined to a life of luxury, and who has no empathy for the poor, the world is hers to take. She's engaged to Sebastian, a man as rich as he is unfaithful. Claudia has always known about Felipe's crush, but she could never fall in love with someone poor like Felipe - unless a zombie apocalypse broke and she depended on him to survive. A zombie apocalypse breaks in Lima-Peru. The population of Lima is so selfish; self centered and racist - that they can't even realize that there's been an outbreak. The rich confuse the zombies with street beggars; and the poor (employed by the rich) would rather be bitten than question their employer's appearance (now zombies). Felipe is the first one to notice there's something wrong but no one believes him. In an attempt to save his mother, Felipe rushes to Claudia's house, where she works - But he's too late, both Felipe's mother and Claudia's father have turned, they have to team up to kill the zombies. Claudia isn't too happy to have Felipe around, but as the first dangers emerge, she notices his worth and even risks her life to save him. Privilege doesn't exist in the apocalypse and Felipe has been released of the stigma of the class where he was born into. The outbreak democratizes reality and it will show little by little the softer side of Claudia. Felipe and Claudia decide to escape together to Claudia's mother's beach house, where the zombie outbreak may have not broken yet. On the way, they meet a security agent, with military delusions, and a hopeless drunk who doesn't hold back when speaking the truth in such a way that is both poetic and pathetic at the same time. Because of the new circumstances, this new group, will embark in this trip together, facing the dangers of the road and learning to trust each other and to survive as a team. The outbreak and its perils fire up an attraction between Claudia and Felipe. An adolescent and silent love sparks up between them. Once they get to the beach house, Claudia and Felipe discover that their love has a place in the world. A world where a drunk and a madman are the guides. A world which is as ironic and terrifying as it is fair and honest.

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Release Date:

Dec 31, 2022


Peru, France



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La Pepa
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