Ahmed, Prince of Alhambra (also know as Ahmed, el principe de la Alhambra) full movie is released on Jul 17, 1998. Watch Ahmed, Prince of Alhambra online - the Spanish Animation movie from Spain. Ahmed, Prince of Alhambra is directed by Juan Bautista Berasategi and created by Pío Artola with Xebe Díez and Eduardo Gorriño.

It is springtime for everyone, however Prince Ahmed, a fine young boy living in the most wonderful palace existing, does not rejoice over it. On the contrary, he drags along languidly from one lesson by Eben Bonabben, his wise tutor, to another. Today, it cannot be denied that Ahmed is very learned : he knows everything about everything, including talking with birds. No, not everything mind you. There is ONE realm that is not his : the kingdom of the heart. The reason is obvious, although unknown to the prince himself : on the day of his birth, the astrologers of the court predicted that terrible disasters would arise if Ahmed should ever find love.

As know as:

Ahmed, el principe de la Alhambra, Ahmed: Príncipe de la Alhambra, Ahmed, Prince of Alhambra, Ahmed, el principe de la Alhambra





Production Companies:

Canal Sur Televisión, Euskal Irrati Telebista (EiTB), Euskal Média S.A.

Cast & Crew

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