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The documentary tells the journey of an Italian woman, Giuseppina Maccari, who saved 15 African kids in Mtangani, Kenya. Giuseppina created a family home where she lives with the kids. The stories of these kids are related to desperation and abandonment. Some of them were found in wretched conditions, some in the garbage, some without any blow left in their body because they were living of grass and dirt because of hunger. Three sisters were found on the streets, they lived for months begging, the oldest one was seven and she had to take care of the two youngest sisters, they had to dig in the trash to find some food and they slept outside on the ground, completely alone and abandoned. Their names are Stacy, Oprah and Barbara. Now they are fine, they go to school and they live under Giuseppina's care, whom everyone in the village calls "Mama Giusy".

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Release Date:

Dec 17, 2017




Italian, English

Production Companies:

Blender Films, Purple Reel Productions

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