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This film is about "embracing of time" - it is about how to use time wisely and to appreciate every passing moment of life. "Busy" is a state of mind and not a matter of lack of time. An elite lifestyle is in setting one's priorities and distributing one's time to optimum use. Our main character in all his excellence displays this quality through this film. The premium Aegon THTF Life Insurance services thus become a 'status' that reflects a 'taste' in such a Man - an elegance exclusive to those who understand and appreciate such ways, of what it means to live as new-age Gentleman. The film takes on a non-linear approach, effectively switching back and forth between the projection of his minds and the observation of the processes involved - giving the overall film a 'sensational elegance' in the visual impression. We observe and portray our main character indulging in the joy of life: at times alone in contemplation; at times in learning; at times in practice; and at times in sharing with fellow friends its joy and wonderment.

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Release Date:

Jan 01, 2020





Production Companies:

38pro Film, Jyuki Studio
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