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On 12 January 2015, a Russian soldier forces his way into the home of an Armenian family in the city of Gyumri. He kills all seven members of the family. The filmmakers use shots of the real-life protests that followed the slaughter but fictionalize the true event. Their soldier is called Ivan, just like the fool from Russian folklore, who they have interwoven into their narrative in a children's show. The film focuses on the aftermath of the drama, with the characters symbolizing the contradictory reactions evoked by events. The soldier is arrested, but war veterans Vahan and Sargis demand retribution and will do this themselves if necessary. The priest Avetis, however, calls on the people to keep calm and patient, while Vahan's young wife Ani is very concerned. They each seek in their own way to recover the dignity taken from them. The reconstruction of this gruesome event and the aftermath can also be seen as a metaphor for a political and ethical quest.

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Sep 27, 2019





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Aysor-Plus Film Productions
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