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In a devastated Earth overrun by invincible predators of a possible extraterrestrial origin, the Abbotts find themselves struggling to survive in the isolation of upstate New York, defined by a new era of utter silence. Indeed, as this new type of invader is attracted to noise, even the slightest of sounds can be deadly; however, it's been already twelve months since the powerful monsters' first sightings, and this resilient family still stands strong. Of course, learning the rules of survival in this muted dystopia is essential; nevertheless, now, of all times, an otherwise joyous event puts in jeopardy the already fragile stability. And now, more than ever, the Abbotts must not make a sound.

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Release Date:

Apr 06, 2018


United States


American Sign Language, English

Production Companies:

Paramount Pictures, Platinum Dunes, Sunday Night

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