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Zoe Williams is the CEO of New York based Digilove, a dating app, she forming the company largely in her heart having steered her wrong in the past. She and her friend and COO Jillian Jones have to overcome some recent negative press about dating apps in general to woo a potential investor, Ms. Lee, to move the business to the next level. Ms. Lee is impressed enough by their pitch to give them thirty days to produce a still happy couple matched by the app, then when she will make her decision on whether to invest. To prove to themselves that the app does what it purports, Zoe and Jillian decide that they and their staff should all sign up as clients, pending any other issues, and the one who has the highest compatibility match of at least ninety percent will be that test case for Ms. Lee. The only person who not only meets but far exceeds the criteria is non-dating Zoe at a ninety-eight percent compatibility match with a person named Oliver Beckett. In meeting, both Zoe and Oliver are surprised that the other is the person they met on what was an awkward chance encounter while Zoe was on her way to the pitch meeting, Ms. Lee who is a customer of Oliver's, he who operates Beckett Botanical Designs. While the algorithm has a built in factor that compatibility does require some differences between the two people, Zoe questions if there is something wrong with the algorithm in she and Oliver being such different people: while she is organized and believes everything has its proper place in doing things to a desired outcome, Oliver is a creative free spirit who enjoys the surprises life brings in usually being spontaneous. Despite their differences, Zoe and Oliver decide to hang out as friends while Zoe tries to figure out what error brought them together through the app. Regardless, Zoe and Jillian still have to produce a "couple" for Ms. Lee, which may taint the way Zoe views what is happening with Oliver.

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Aug 14, 2021





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Vortex Productions

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