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Kelly Leone, producer at Wake Up Milwaukee, a local morning television talk show, has focused this year on changing what were the declining fortunes of the show - her efforts having paid off - at the expense of spending time with friends. This time has also been at the expense of her longer term goal of a news producer life in a bigger market, like Chicago. As such, on New Year's Eve, she, under pressure from her best friends AJ, Lisa and Jackson, makes the new years resolution to say yes to partake in any social event asked of her, no matter the event, this resolution well outside her comfort zone in generally only doing things in which she is comfortable in a high probability of success. The end date of this resolution is her thirtieth birthday in one month's time. Much to her chagrin, her production team, looking for an extended new years story for the show, decides to follow her on her one month progression on this resolution. This resolution coincides with Kelly meeting Tom Malone, a marketing director at the regional office of Imperium National Bank, the two who have an immediate mutual attraction. While Tom too had at one point set his sights on a a bigger market career like Chicago, he has decided to stay in Milwaukee in his unofficial commitment to making life better for his family, most specifically his single mother sister Sheila, and the company. As Kelly and Tom look to be on the path to a committed relationship, an item comes into view that may threaten their relationship where Tom may have to choose between Kelly and his job at the bank, including the welfare of bank customers.

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Release Date:

Jan 09, 2021


United States


English, Mandarin

Production Companies:

Hallmark Channel, Crown Media Productions, Cartel Pictures
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