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Vivian, a workaholic television producer, is producing this year's Country Christmas Live TV show. Gavin, a childhood friend,who manages country music star Belinda Manners, arrives from Los Angeles, California, and this dredges up bad memories of their past close friendship. In the meantime, her late mentor Marilyn appears to her and introduces her to Pat, the Ghost of Christmas Past. But TV-network head Henry Moss arrives to observe her work on her TV show. He lets drop that she is being considered for a promotion to the IMAs in Los Angeles. He twists her arm to demote Gavin's star, Belinda, from the show's opening song. Will she selfishly pursue ambition over friendship as he did to her years ago, or have all the Ghosts softened her heart?

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Release Date:

Nov 21, 2020


United States



Production Companies:

Crown Media Productions
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