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On a remote patrol base in Helmand Province of Afghanistan in 2008, Marine Lieutenant Vinny Murphy (Donny O'Malley) fights to protect his Marines from the local insurgents and his self-serving Commander, Captain Berry (Michael Drake Krueger). Lieutenant Murphy's hostility towards Captain Berry reaches a tipping point when he forcefully requests the platoon to do a battle damage assessment (BDA) through a known minefield. Time and time again, Lieutenant Murphy fantasizes about killing Captain Berry as every ill-advised order dictated is an obvious attempt to advance his career and cover his incompetence. Lieutenant Murphy reaches a crossroads when the ambush of his Marines is the result of a careless order issued by Captain Berry behind his back. As the ambush continues and Captain Berry experiences warfare for the first time, Lieutenant Murphy is left with an important decision to make.

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Nov 01, 2019


United States



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VET Tv (Veteran Entertainment Television)

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