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Set in a small riverside town in North Carolina, two sad vandals and an unemployed loner await a fabled rocket launch. Max, a young vagabond, journeys through the town wheat pasting fliers of their recently deceased grandmother, longing to keep her memory alive. They then meet Howie, a giddy yet capricious young man who's going through issues of his own. Instantly becoming friends, they adventure through town pasting fliers, listening to fountain pennies, and learning about each other's past. Meanwhile, Gene is stuck in a miserable cycle of mindless tasks as he pretends to go to work everyday; a job that he quit just months before. All while fearing the wrath of his father if he ever found out. As the crucial day of the rocket approaches, its significance changes inside Max, Howie, and Gene as they struggle to find the little daily things that make life survivable.

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Dec 01, 2019


United States



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