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Two friends (Luther and Carter) decide to play a game of chess together. Luther believes himself to be rather excellent at the game, while Carter has never played before. The game starts off as expected, with Luther doing better, but helping out Carter along the way, until suddenly Carter outsmarts Luther. Intimidated by his newfound skill, Luther retaliates by coming up with seemingly reasonable but fake rules about the game of chess, that Carter falls for. Soon enough, however, Luther has to make up more fake rules to stop Carter from winning; to the point where Carter is able to remember the fake rules better than he does. The match ends up going into the morning of the next day. With one slip of Carter's choices, Luther is able to finally gain a legitimate advantage, and gives a fair checkmate against Carter. Luther then proceeds to indulge in his glory by shouting and belittling Carter, only for Carter to resign in humble maturity. Embarrassed by his choices, Luther sits in silence, unable to say anything to Carter, as he leaves and asks to play again; promising to remember the rules.

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Mar 17, 2021


United States, Canada



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ILL Pictures

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